About Us

The Lotus brand features handcrafted natural and inspirational products including natural bath and body, gemstone jewelry, inspirational clothing, and unique gifts.

Founder and designer, Kathleen Anderson, found herself wanting to create designs that were inspiring on several levels, after going through a spiritual journey to rediscover her purpose. She wanted to design a special set of products that incorporated naturalness, purity and spiritual inspiration. After much research and prayer, Lotus was born. 

The name Lotus came from the lotus flower. Kathleen loves the lotus and the way it grows into a simply beautiful flower out of the depths of murky waters. She is fascinated how God allowed a beautiful flower to grow out of "not so beautiful" waters. She looks at herself like the lotus flower and how even though she goes through certain "murky" or "not so beautiful" situations, God still brings her up through them and she is able to rise above those situations and circumstances.

If you'd like to read more about the founder and designer of Lotus, and her other endeavors, check out her main website www.katanderson.net.